After having relied upon a ladder for the larger part of my working life, I searched in vain for a device that would allow me to work safely and easily. I needed a ladder accessory tool that would help in resolving my everyday working problems.

The Ladder Sack is safe and easy to use. Some of its numerous uses are to provide an extra "shelf" on which to set things, and an easy way to move your tools from place to place. Simplicity is the key to The Ladder Sack. Its usefulness will be easily recognized by anyone that uses ladders, be it on the job or for at-home projects. The Ladder Sack goes with you from shop to truck to job site, and back again. The Ladder Sack will become a quickly relied upon tool that will cause you to wonder how you ever got along without it. Use it with any ladder, or even without a ladder.
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The Ladder Sack. Your ladder will look naked without one.

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